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Christine Pomponio-Pate
is a figure model and actress who has competed and placed at the Figure Olympia and graced the pages of Muscle & Fitness, Flex, and Ironman magazines. Pomponio-Pate has always enjoyed pushing her body and was athletic and competitive at most sports she tried. Her primary athletic interest was soccer. She played soccer for ten years.

Early start
Christine was born in 1975 to Phil & Michelle (nee O'Connor) Pomponio in Denver, Colorado Following the lead of her brother who had begun bodybuilding, she began working out with weights while still in high school. In 1994, however, a serious car accident brought her workouts to an abrupt halt. The former soccer player passed out due to low blood sugar. She was semi – conscious the next two days. Six years of difficult recovery have followed.

Congratulations to PR Cover Girl, Christine Pomponio-Pate! She was on the cover of the November issue of
IRON MAN magazine. Besides the legendary bodybuilder, Rachel McLish, Christine is the only woman to grace the cover of this classic, muscle mag for men! Also read a feature on Christine posted by the Denver Post.

Congratulations to PR Figure Olympian, Christine Pomponio-Pate! Christine finished her competitive pro season by placing 4th in the prestigious IFBB Figure Olympia. She presented a flawless package of muscle, femininity, beauty and charisma! Christine has also been named the PR Team Competitor of the Year.

Favorite foods (healthful and nonhealthful): I try to eat as raw and organic as possible. I usually always eat very healthfully, and even when I have a “nonhealthful” meal, I try to make it healthy in some way. I changed some things when I was pregnant since I had to pay more attention to everything that I consumed. Now I focus a lot more on internal overall health as well as weight management.

How many children do you have, and what are their names and ages? I have one beautiful son named Riley. He is 15 months old.

Christine Pomponio
overcame recovery pains and obstacles after a car accident blew up her body, but she also became one of the most well known Figure competitiors and fitness models. She was out of work for two months and it took six years and 11 surgeries beyond that to reconstruct the beautiful figure pro who appears onstage today. year after Year Christine Pomponio-Pate is among the top Figure Olympia finalists.

Christine, you did the unbelievable. After a severe accident, you became one of the top Figure competitors and a symbol of health and fitness. Did you believe you could beat the reality?

Survival of the fittest: figure pro Christine Pomponio-Pate came back from a near-fatal car accident to reach the elite levels of her sport. Suffering from low blood sugar while driving her diminutive Datsun down a busy road, Christine Pomponio-Pate simply passed out. The next two days are lost from her memory, but police reports and six years of difficult and often painful recovery have filled in any blanks about what happened--and how serious it was.

Her car had crossed the median and met a truck head-on. Due to mechanical failure, her seatbelt was not fastened, leaving nothing to prevent her body from exiting through the windshield. Her face slammed into the steering wheel on the way out. By all accounts, that could have been her last living moment on Earth, but--miraculously--she survived.

Bio: Best known as the "couch girl" in American Furniture Warehouse ads, Christine Pomponio-Pate, 31, is also a professional bodybuilder who has ranked first in the world in the figure category for most of this year. A native of Colorado and graduate of Arvada West High School, she lives in Littleton with her husband of four years and two teenage stepchildren.

The Challenge: At 18, fresh out of high school and working three jobs, she fainted behind the wheel one morning and drove her car into the path of a pickup truck. The collision sent her head through the windshield, breaking her nose, severing her lips and knocking out nine of her front teeth. "That's when I developed a new relationship with God," she says. "I was just thankful that I wasn't dead or paralyzed."

With the Figure Olympia fast approaching we would expect to see all of the sport’s top stars rounding into incredible shape. While Christine Pomponio-Pate won’t be onstage this year, she will arguably be in the best shape of her life-the shape of a soon-to-be new mommy! The Pate family’s new arrival is scheduled to make his/her appearance on December 25th-Christmas Day and as such would be the best present Santa Clause could bring.

“Yeah, it's funny having a belly,” says Christine. “I started showing at about 18 weeks. Sometimes when I feel really good I forget that I am pregnant for a second. Then I walk past a mirror and have to do a double take because I see this belly sticking out in front of me. I just smile because it is the most amazing feeling!”